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BBC Phrase Book: Thai by Sanya Bunag  One of the "BBC Phrase Book" series designed for use by holidaymakers and business travelers. This book is arranged by topic, with key words and phrases, a pronunciation guide and a dictionary of approximately 4000 Thai words. 

Berlitz Thai Phrase Book & Dictionary (Quick Reference System)  This phrase book contains a color-coded system that makes words and phrases easy to find. Some of the categories include basic expressions, arrivals and departures, hotels, dining out, sightseeing, shopping, banks, mail, medical care, reference, grammar, dictionary, as well as handy travel information, tips, and regional maps for ease-of-use. This book is a small enough size to carry anywhere and is more manageable than many other books, especially for the short term visitors. comments by  Bjorn Andersson

English - Thai - Holiday Language Guide This little book will help you get by in Thailand Explains important phrases you always hear All you need to know to keep going. ISBN 974-8368-59-9

English - Thai - Pocket Book The most important worlds & phrases in the Thai language. With many tips & tricks. Explains common phrases you always hear. Extensive chapter about Thai food.  ISBN 974-272-143-2

Eyewitness Travel Guide Phrase Books: Thai Phrase Book Compiled by experts, these handy companions to the Eyewitness Travel Guides give both tourists and business travelers the essential phrases to get around in a foreign land. Supplemented by an extensive menu section and mini-dictionary, these guides also contain replies to typical questions, as well as the signs and instructions travelers might see or hear in a foreign country. Organized by subject: everyday phrases, public transportation, shopping, hotels. Uses a unique system of imitated pronunciation. comments by  Bjorn Andersson

Lonely Planet Thai Phrasebook (Lonely Planet Language Survival Kit) by Joe Cummings.

Practical Thai by Suraphong Kanchananaga. Very handy pocket book covering all the situations a visitor is likely to be at, such as the hotel the barber's, the market place and even when making friends. An indispensable book with Thai script to facilitate all kinds of communication. Easy to use.

A Rough Guide Phrasebook (Rough Guide Phrase Book)  This book is terrific!! It has English-Thai, and Thai-English sections, and shows Thai with consistent rominazation, plus Thai script. Now, the best part of the book is the intro (before the dictionary begins) to Thai language. It gives all the basic rules (summed up nicer than many Thai language books!) Rules for different kinds of questions and everything. Even a section on profanity (so you'll know when people are upset:) And all examples give Thai script, roman-Thai (including tone marks), and English. I highly recommend this book to anyone even remotely interested in the Thai Languages. Besides, it's got a GREAT price :) comments by  Bjorn Andersson

Thai Phrase Handbook This is the best supplementary book we have for learning Thai. Each phrase is transliterated so that users can pronounce it easily. As a complete basic guide to the Thai language, the handbook is broken into simple lessons. Early chapters deal with basics, such as pronunciation, pronouns, and grammar. Later chapters help students learn how to get around, get a hotel room, use the phone, and more. Specific tips about the Thai language appear throughout and are valuable for any student of Thai, traveler, or businessperson. Paperback. 304 pages.

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