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Aerial Nationalism : A History of Aviation in Thailand (Smithsonian History of Aviation) (Smithsonian History of Aviation) by Edward M. Young (Hardcover - January 1995) A study of the development of aviation in Thailand, focusing on the pivotal years between 1911 and 1945. The study traces the nationalistic impulses that drove the Thai quest for air power, and examines the later development of the Thai air force and its activities in the Japanese advance in Burma and support to the Allies in WWII. Demonstrates how Thai economic, Thai technological, and Thai political issues affected the country's choice of airplanes, and details the Thai government's purchase of aviation equipment. Includes b&w photos. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

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Agreement Between the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Government of the Kingdom of Thailand Relating to the Establishment and Operation of a British Broadcasting Corporation Relay Station in Thailand 

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Die Aussenpolitik Thailands by Gundula Brunner

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Beyond the Mask: Toward a Transdisciplinary Approach of Selected Social Problems Related to the Evolution and Context of International Tourism in Thailand by Walter Meyer 

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Counting the Cost 

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Japan's Foreign Aid to Thailand and the Philippines by David M. Potter (Hardcover - May 1996)
From Book News, Inc. , November 1, 1996
An examination of the economic and political effect of Japan's foreign aid to Thailand and the Philippines. Potter (Japanese and comparative politics, Northern Kentucky U.) thoroughly researches the advance of Japanese aid to the countries since the 1980s, and the problems presented to the recipient countries in terms of project implementation and coordination. The author, not surprisingly, concludes that both countries must accommodate Japanese priorities to meet their own.

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Military in Thai Politics, 1981-86  by Suchit Bunbongkarn (Paperback - July 1988)

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Die Modellierung von Verhandlungslösungen, dargestellt am Beispiel des Kooperationsabkommens zwischen der EG und Thailand - Eine Anwendung dynamischer Spiele by Lidwina Wohlfahrt (book)

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Modern Thailand (Comparative Societies Series)  by Robert Slagter, Harold R. Kerbo (Paperback)

Book Description
One of a series of short books, each one on a different country, that provide much-needed cross-cultural and global material for instructors to use to supplement their introductory sociology text, as well as courses in social stratification, comparative societies, comparative politics, comparative economics and other courses that are enriched by a global perspective. The opening chapter establishes historical and cultural context, while subsequent chapters focus on the basic institutions

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National Economic Policy by Pridi Banomyong, Kenneth Perry Landon (Paperback)

Book Description
My one paramount aim and purpose in furthering the revolutiong was to promote the welfar of our people. Essentailly my concern was not to replace a single monarch with a multiplicity of monarchs, which constitutes the external semblance of a democracy. I was resolved above all else to do just one thing: 'to advance the welfare of our people'. And I hold that the Constitution comprises the key which is to unlock the door of opportunity to them so that they may have a share in determining the.

The publisher, Martin Rowe , August 11, 2000. A focus on political and economic sovereignty. Written following the 1932 coup that transformed Siam (Thailand) into a constitutional monarchy, this book is a manifesto for a comprehensive national socioeconomic plan that reflects Pridi Banomyong's visionary political insights and firm understanding of democracy. What is significant about this volume is that in its emphasis on political and economic sovereignty and distribution of productive power to local communities, it presents an alternative to the globalized capitalism that Western..

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Political Change in Thailand : Democracy and Participation (Politics in Asia Series)   by Kevin Hewison(Editor) (Paperback - November 1997)

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Powers that Be : Pridi Banomyong through the Rise and Fall of Thai Democracy   by Sulak Sivaraksa (Paperback - September 2000)

Book Description
Judging from their broad similarities, one is easily led to the impression that Pridi and Sulak were from the start the best of friends, fighting shoulder to shoulder and back to back against the encircling injustice. In the courageous and illuminating personal essay in this volume Sulak suggests otherwise. He recounts in vivid details his discord and ultimate unity with Pridi. Sulak's essay not only provides us with a valuable glimpse of Pridi's ideas and personality 

The publisher, Martin Rowe , August 11, 2000
Thai Buddhism and the history of Thailand
This collection of essays concerns itself with the many facets of engaged Thai Buddhism, from the very practical to the philosophical, that have expressed themselves throughout the history of Thailand in the life and work of Pridi Banomyong (1900-1983). Thai Historian, religion scholar, and Thai political analyst, Sulak Sivaraksa examines Banomyong's legacy and challenges contemporary Thais and people everywhere to consider their lives as worth more than the sum of material goods they own and instead discover.

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Die regionale Rolle Thailands by Wilfried Herrmann

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Die strategische Position Thailands im Kambodscha-Konflikt by Sven Bachofen

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