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 A Marshall Health Guide: Thai Massage by Maria Mercati

Thai Massage by Richard M. Gold 

Thai Massage Manual : Natural Therapy for Flexibility, Relaxation and Energy Balance by Maria Mercati This is a quality book that is a good introduction to the marvelous field of Thai Massage. The photos are clear and the descriptions of technique are competent. There are aspects that are lacking though that are extremely well covered in another book entitled, 'Thai Massage: A Traditional Medical Technique' by Dr. Richard Gold and published by Churchill Livingstone. This book presents Thai Massage as a primary component of an entire traditional medical system. The theories and history of Thai Medicine are covered and the development of the medicine in the context of Buddhist culture is very well presented. This book also has excellent photos and clear and easy to follow descriptions. Thai Massage is a unique style of bodywork that will see rapid growth in the West as it becomes better known. These books will certainly help that growth. comments by  Bjorn Andersson

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