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Freelancerbar - Pattaya chat room - Bunch of sometimes sane sometimes half demented Bangkok teachers

Sanook - Part of Nana The definitive web board for farlang sanukers (adults only rating)

I Love Thailand Forum - Similar theme to the Sanuk board but much much quieter

Khaosan Noticeboard - The place for travelers on a budget to chat and exchange ideas and experiences

Soc.Culture.Thai - The Original forum for Thai freaks. Hundreds of posts a day. Everything from Thai politics to Thai Prostitution

Pattayalovers - 1761 members - I think their opening blurb says it all.

"The sweetest and most beautiful ladies in the world, make up the Adult nightlife of Thailand.   Our new website is now open.   It will be updated every two weeks, with the latest from Pattaya.   Stop by at This is your home for all things Pattaya.   Here you will find the most vibrant adult nightlife in the world.   Regular visitors and expatriates living here share insider information on the hottest places to go, specifics about the services (nightlife and others) and share experiences.   We sometimes like to schedule informal meetings in Pattaya for our members; an opportunity to meet, party and exchange info.   If you are offended by frank discussion of sex-oriented nightlife and activities, please do not subscribe. If you're selling something, BE GONE!"


Thailand_UK :  94 members 

A friendly family type board mainly concerned with the issues of visas and adapting to life in the UK

A group for Thai people their friends and family living in the UK.

Make contact and chat with other thai people. Exchange news and views on all aspects of life from where to find the best thai food ingredients in your area, sharing visa application information and your travel tips & experiences.

Messages welcome in either Thai or English.


Nanapong - Guess what the theme of this group is?

Nanapong the message board to complement the nanapong web site. A web site about Thailand and its nightlife. Many topics can be found from night life and bars to culture and food. As the web page is still being developed please feel free to talk about any Thailand topics. New visitors are very welcome to post here and meet new friends. Don't forget to visit the web site and join the mailing list. Have fun and please join in and post a response or ask a question. Someone here will know the answer.


Thailand Forum -
The following links are from Nittaya's site

1. Deja Forum[LBURL=_LBHTthailand.start4all.com_LBFS,LBT,ST_rn=if]/group/soc.culture.thai

2. Siamcenter

3. Nanapong Forum

4. Rick Amstrongs Thai Forum
Rick Amstrong

5. Travelforum

6. Knapsacks Travelforum
Knapsacks Travelforum

7. Ajarn Forum

8. Thai Gay Forum
Thai Gay

9. Forum Forum

10. Hauptverzeichnis e-groups

11. Phuket Forum
Phuket Forum

12. Pattaya Freelancer Forum
Freelancer Forum - kids edition -

13. Idthai Forum

14. Thai-Chinesisches RenRen Forum

15. Nation Board
Nation Board

16. Ibiza - Bangkok Engl./Deutsches Forum

More Thai Forums and Thai related message boards as I find them. Do you have any suggestions? e-mail me [email protected] 



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