Thai Children's Books


The Girl Who Wore Too Much : A Folktale from Thailand by Margaret Read MacDonald, et al (Hardcover - May 1998)

Reading level: Ages 4-8

Like most young girls, Aree likes fine clothing and jewelry. So when word comes of a dance to be held in the next village, Aree can't make up her mind on which dress to wear. Racked by indecision, she decides to wear them all until she learns that excess can be a burden and that impressing her friends is not the same as keeping them. Full color.

Girls aged 5-8 will love this book!, January 8, 1999
Reviewer: A reader from Chicago, IL My daughter (aged 7) identified with the Thai girl in this story, found herself caught up in the girl's desire to dress beautifully for her friends. Then, when the ending twist came, she wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry--but she loved it! I recommend it for parents and grandparents to share with early elementary aged girls (especially). the illustrations are also very colorful and appear to be culturally accurate.

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Hush! : A Thai Lullaby by Minfong Ho, Holly Meade (Illustrator)

Reading level: Baby-Preschool

Your children will love this story. It nicely introduces children to Thailand without boring them with facts, instead the story is wonderfully rhythmic and teaches animal sounds as it will lull your child into gentle sleep. It's Our Favorite! comments by  Bjorn Andersson

Thai Childrens Books

The King and I by Helen Perelman (Paperback - April 1999)

Reading level: Ages 4-8

Youngest readers can return to the joyful story of the King of Siam and the English schoolteacher, Anna. Full color.

Thai Childrens Books

The Man Who Caught Fish  by Walter Lynn Krudop (Hardcover - April 2000) 

Reading level: Ages 4-8
A stranger carrying only a fishing pole comes to a village in this morality tale. Every time the pole touches water, the man brings out a fish. "One person, one fish," he says solemnly as he evenly distributes his catch. When the king hears of this, he wants more than his one fish. Driven by pride, he tries tricks and torture to get the man to give him more than his share, but in the end, the king is punished for his greed. The simplicity of the story is complimented by the robust illustrations....

Thai Childrens Books


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