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Building Social Capital in Thailand : Fibers, Finance, and Infrastructure (Cambridge Asia-Pacific Studies) (Cambridge Asia-Pacific Studies) by Danny Unger (Paperback - October 1998)

Book Description
This book examines the recent rapid economic expansion in Thailand, and in Southeast Asia more generally prior to 1997. In a highly original argument, Unger considers the unique organization of Thai society, and the impact this has had on the country's institutions, and their political and economic outcomes. Unger takes an interdisciplinary approach, building on the literatures of social capital and embedded autonomy. The book's general, comparative discussion of social infrastructure is supplemented by case studies on specific sectors.

Business Prospects in Thailand by Denise Hall (Paperback)

Book Info
Explains how Thais make and spend money and how the business and economic conditions in Thailand are evolving. Introduces various industries in Thailand and analyzes their long-term production trends and potential for enterprising business people.

This is a complete, authoritative information source for anyone doing business in Thailand, or considering doing business there.

From culture to statistics, from ancient history to consumer purchasing patterns, this book tells you all you'll need to know to succeed in Thailand. International consultant Denise Hall introduces Thailand's geography, history and political system, then introduces the demography and lifestyles of Thailand today. This book presents both statistics and the intangibles...

Capital Accumulation in Thailand 1855-1985
by Suehiro Akira (Paperback - June 1999)

Doing Business in East Asia : A Practical Guide to China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand  by Paulson Ching (Compiler) (Paperback - March 1999)

Doing Business With Thailand (Global Business Series) by Paul Leppert (Paperback - January 1997)

Passport Thailand : Your Pocket Guide to Thai Business, Customs & Etiquette (Passport to the World) by Naomi Wise, Tom Watson(Illustrator) (Paperback - May 1997)

Book Description
Comprehensive guide to the culture, etiquette and communication of Thailand.
Success in international business is not just about your product and service, or about terms and delivery schedules. Success is about people, traditions and relationships. Passport to the World books are comprehensive guides to understanding a country's people, culture, etiquette and communication styles. Passport Thailand will help you: Avoid cultural faux pas Learn about Thailand's values and beliefs Understand the reasons behind the actions Develop an effective negotiating style Don't leave..

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Succeed in Business Thailand : The Essential Guide for Business and Investment (Culture Shock, Succeed in Business) by Bea Toews, et al (Paperback - September 1998)

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