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The Legend of Queen Cama : Bodhiramsi's Camadevivamsa, a Translation and Commentary (Suny Series in Buddhist Studies) by Bodhiransi, et al (Paperback - June 1998)

Thai Buddhism Books

Loyalty Demands Dissent : Autobiography of an Engaged Buddhist by Sulak Sivaraksa, et al (Hardcover - June 1998)

Book Description
Biography/ Sulak Sivaraksa, Nobel Peace Prize nominee and winner of the prestigious Right Livlihood Award, is a prominent and outspoken Thai Buddhist social critic and activist. In his memoirs, LOYALTY DEMANDS DISSENT, Sulak recounts his life as a "radical conservative" -- both contemplative and activist, traditionalist and modernist, loyalist and dissident. Sulak was born 65 years ago, the same year that Thailand emerged from absolute monarchy into democracy, and his life has been intimately...

Sulak gives a very honest account of Thai politics, August 1, 2000
Reviewer: Parinand Varnasavang from Madison, WI USA
This is one of the best books by Sulak. It is not only exciting to learn about his narrow escape from the threat from the military dictatorship in 1991, but also interesting to learn about this man's fight for social justice and democracy both domestically and globally. Daring to criticise the revered monarchy, he is undoubtedly the most frank and outspoken among the Thai social critics.

The foreword is given by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Thai Buddhism Books

Powers that Be : Pridi Banomyong through the Rise and Fall of Thai Democracy   by Sulak Sivaraksa (Paperback - September 2000)

Book Description
Judging from their broad similarities, one is easily led to the impression that Pridi and Sulak were from the start the best of friends, fighting shoulder to shoulder and back to back against the encircling injustice. In the courageous and illuminating personal essay in this volume Sulak suggests otherwise. He recounts in vivid details his discord and ultimate unity with Pridi. Sulak's essay not only provides us with a valuable glimpse of Pridi's ideas and personality 

The publisher, Martin Rowe , August 11, 2000
Buddhism and the history of Thailand
This collection of essays concerns itself with the many facets of engaged Buddhism, from the very practical to the philosophical, that have expressed themselves throughout the history of Thailand in the life and work of Pridi Banomyong (1900-1983). Historian, religion scholar, and political analyst, Sulak Sivaraksa examines Banomyong's legacy and challenges contemporary Thais and people everywhere to consider their lives as worth more than the sum of material goods they own and instead discover.

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