Study Thai Tips


Thai is an easy language to learn and use - ask any Thai!

For farangs however it is a very foreign language indeed. How to master the Thai language (virtually impossible) How to be proficient in Thai (certainly achievable)

This section is dedicated to the countless thousands out there who have tried, and are trying to achieve proficiency (or the impossible) Some of these individuals have used the internet as study medium. They store their ideas, study tips and suggestions in an electronic form for their own use and to help disseminate the words - Learning Thai is EASY!!

'Variety is the spice of life'

It is with this thought in mind that I have collected a very varied assortment of Thai related study tips. Look at the ways that that these contributors have organized their thoughts. How they present them and then choose the ways that strike you as 'Hey that's a good idea'

Please share your ideas and anyone else's that you may come across whilst surfing the net or surfing some bookshop. e-mail me [email protected] 

Study-Thai tip of the week  

Writing Thai neatly 

Remembering colours in Thai

Thai Study tips from sanookers - a motley collection of study tips and thoughts on everything from pronunciation to correct spelling to how to avoid getting in to hot water or should that be naam roon or nam loon?

Thai Conversation Tips - How to make conversation in Thai. What to speak in Thai. What not to speak in Thai.

Thai Language Starter- Now this guy Tony Mortlock has a vivid imagination. I love his tips about the use of cartoon images and word associations making up weird and wonderful sentences.. These are definitely great methods to add a little fun to the process of studying Thai. On a downside I don't think he has really tried to learn the Thai script at all. His attempts at romanization leave some glaring mistakes in pronunciation. The thought is there - check it out!! Can you come up with some new sentences and cartoons? send them to me [email protected]