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ADRESSES THAILANDE (FRANCO-THAI) - Un site sur la Thaïlande, hors des sentiers battus : Bouddhisme, Royauté, écriture, photos, médias, informations, 100 sites Thaïs, universités, journaux, moteurs, tourisme.

AIE-Asia Institute of English - Intensive, residential Thai Language Study Programs

American University Alumni Language Center - Offering instruction in Thai, using the ALG method as developed by J. Marvin Brown.

Antiques and Handicrafts - Thai antiques and contemporary handicrafts of Thai craftsmanship reflecting Thai culture.

Bangkok.com -   Bangkok.com is the premier Thailand related travel, business, cultural, language and economic resource on the web. (so they say!!)

BOTTU Alain Home page, la page de l'histoire de la Thaïlandaise, partie 2
LA PENINSULE INDOCHINOISE AVANT L'ARRIVEE DES THAILANDAIS Après les hommes primitifs, arrivèrent les peuples Negritos, les Môn-khmers et les Lawas. Avec le temps les Môn-khmers et les Lawas se sont dispersés dans des directions différentes. Les... 

Configuring IE to display Thai - one of many pages on setting up Thai fonts in Internet Explorer, this one provided by Microsoft Thailand

Configuring Netscape to display Thai - one of many pages on setting up Thai fonts in Netscape, this one provided by NACSIS (Japan)


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A well put together amateur site giving a gay and often irreverant view of learning Thai and life as a farlang in Thailand - Quote -

"A westerner in Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok stopped two Thai people and asked (in English) where the nearest bank was. The two Thais did not speak English, so could not answer. He tried again in German, still no response. He tried again in French, still no response. He then tried Russian, Japanese and Chinese, but still no response, so he gave up and walked on. One Thai said to the other (in Thai, but translated for your convenience!) "We really should learn to speak another language." The other Thai replied, "Why, he could speak 6 languages and it didn't help him!"

Elite Cross Cultural Directory - Elite's guide to Thai language, etiquette and culture.

Guide to Using Thai Fonts - provided by Internet Thailand (one of the largest ISPs in Thailand), comprehensive info for many systems and programs

Guide to Thai Information on the Internet - Guide to Thai Information on the Internet I N F O R M A T I O N Travel & Tourism General, Visa/Consular, Transportation, Accommodation, Restaurants

How to learn to speak Thai - On this page you can learn how to speak thai
and in addition to this, you can hear my voice
pronouncing thai phrases. On the left hand side
is a "quick-choise" for different categories.
I will extend this page time by time

iD-thai.com - Artistic photographs of Thailand. History and culture of Thailand in English language for non-Thais.

Impressions of Thailand - A beautiful page and a novel idea. Combines a map of Thailand, some great pictures and music! - tastefully done

Information related to Thailand: Thailand The Big Picture 
Information on Thailand Thailand-related information Internet Sites Tourism Information Thai Language Thai Language page at Thammasat University General Information

 Join Talkway: Thai Culture  - Whatever your question, at Talkway you’ll find millions of people with answers, tips, and pointers for you. So stop searching; just come, post your question, and get your info! 

Lakhanugit, Bundit - Thai Songs and Guitar Page  Has Thai song lyrics with guitar chords. 

Learn Thai CD-ROM - Thai Interactive Learning System.

Learn Thai with lemon Girl and anne

Learning To Speak Thai - DLC  To speak Thai well, one must be aware of the proper language foundations. Among other difficulties, the Thai language uses five different sound tones to differentiate the meaning of words. 

LinseLA's Learn Thai Language on your own - A collection of computer/web tools to learn the Thai Language.

Multilingual Books - Commercial site offering Thai learning products for sale such as: Rosetta Stone CD-ROM Course for Thai, FSI Thai Basic Course, Pimsleur Compact Thai Course, Talk Now! Learn Thai CD-ROM, Global Writer Multilingual Word Processor, Global Office Language Support for Office 97, The Oxford-Duden Pictorial Thai and English Dictionary, Thai-English Student's Dictionary, Thai Phrase Handbook, Colloquial Thai, Making Out in Thai

The Musical Compositions of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej

Online Thai-English Dictionary - from NECTEC, part of their Lexitron project, needs Thai fonts to display Thai text.

Poopadploy : Übersetzen, Dolmetschen :Thailändisch - Deutsch
Übersetzungen (Urkunden, Korrespondenz usw.) und Dolmetschen Thailändisch - Deutsch, Deutsch - Thailändisch 

Royal Thai School of Culinary Art  - Provides cooking classes in Thai, Burmese and Fusion cooking.

The Russ Guide to Thailand - A personal travel guide to Thailand: its people, culture, language and food, places to go and things to avoid for first time visitors.

Samart Srijumnong's Recipes - Twenty Thai recipes from Soc.Culture.Thai's archives.

Soc Culture Thai Language FAQ - Contains language and linguistics information for the soc.culture.thai newsgroup.

SEAsite Thailand Website: Developed by Northern Illinois University, this site is designed for people interested in learning to speak Thai from basic phrases up to an intermediate level. It also includes Thai music, literature, comics. 


Study Thai - Thai Language and Thai Culture - worldwide guide to where and how to study Thai - Study Thai aims to be the complete global guide to Thai Studies. Hundreds of books about learning Thai and Thai culture. Many Thai courses and Thai Studies programs around the world as well as in Thailand

Survival Thai phrases

A Taste of Asia - Exploring the Thai country and culture through its cuisine

Teaching English in Thailand - Founded by American teachers working and living in Thailand, we speak the language, are familiar with the Thai culture, and have experienced the challenges and rewards of teaching in a developing country. TAI has a local coordinator who will help you get the most from your overseas experience.

THAI ARTS GALLERY HOME PAGES  - THAI ARTS GALLERY LISTS. Thai art gallery lists are some collections of thai social culture arts. We think these would be nice for relax and study too.

THAI CHAT - start chatting, think of THAI CHAT.
The main page of THAI CHAT Homepage, the good place to chat and making a lot of new friends 

Thai Culture - National profile, history of classical Thai art and culture, music, drama and more.

Thai culture in Germany - A non-profit project for promoting thai culture. thailife offers services for thais and thai-german families in germany, and for everyone who likes Thailand and Thai culture

The Thai Cultural and Fine Arts Institute - Non-profit organization whose mission is the education and promotion of Thai culture and fine arts.

Thai dictionary - Dictionary, alphabet and intonations of the Thai language.

Thai Food Guide - Chermchit Snashall is Bellaonline's guide to Thai food and food culture including recipes and articles on all aspects of Thai food.

Thai GIF Banner - Type in a phrase & this page will return a GIF (graphic) of that in Thai.

Thai Herbs and Spices  - Learn how to cook your favorite Thai dishes. Fresh herbs and spices are also available by mail. 

Thai Heritage and Shopping - Thailand and Thai culture, Handicraft Shopping Shopping khon mask

Thai Internet Education Project - Tools for Thai students of English, and overseas students of Thai.

Thai-language.com.au - Commercial site offering Thai learning products for sale such as:Rosetta Stone CD-ROM Course for Thai, FSI Thai Basic Course, Spoken Thai, Colloquial Thai

Thai Language and Culture Resources - extensive collection of resources for learning Thai, part of SEAsite.

The Thai Language - By Mahidol University.

Thai Language Page - This page intends to provide a general overview of Thai language in various aspects including Thai language lessons and Thai poetry.

Thai Language Page - Includes survival thai phrases lesson with audio

.Thai Link Home Page     "Massachusetts", The King of Thailand's Birthplace Thai Link is a private company established to support the Reverse Brain Drain Project of Thailand and to promote Thailand. 

Thai Links Home Page (Radio & music, TV, Education, Media Here you can find all kinds of Thai links. Listen to LIVE Thai radio or watch LIVE Thai TV over the i-net. Find out about travel to and inside Thailand. Daily news about Thailand in Thai or English. Economy, Thai chat rooms etc... 

Thai MIDI Home Page  - Best viewed on 800x600 maximized window Welcome to Thai Songs Home Page You are the th visitor who've use Netscape Navigator 2.0 since 1st Jan. 1996
This is collection of our Thai songs that we have collected for many years. 

Thai My Way - Performing arts programme, cultural events in Bangkok. Information about Thai culture: articles, gallery.

Thai Phrasebook in RealAudio - A collection of common Thai phrases in English, Thai transliteration and recorded in RealAudio format.

THAI POSTAGE STAMPS - THAI POSTAGE STAMPS COLLECTIONS (110 Years)Copyright © 1995,All Rights Reserved. Order and number of stamp in each series are placed on denomination order. 

Thai Signs - A library of 139 Thai language signs including street and traffic signs, graded into levels of progressive difficulty.

Thai Software - A simple GUI-based Thai Editor for X-Windows. Requires Athena widget set. Source code and binaries available for SunOS(SUN), Irix(SGI), (DEC ALpha), UNICOS(Cray C90), Linux(X86)

THAI TRANSLATION SERVICES - Thai Language Translation Service 

Thai Translators' House  - Translation and DTP service from English to Thai or Thai to English, including technical and computer

Thai Tara: Thai Market Centre: Gourmet Thai Food, Books, Food, crafts, books, information about Thailand and Southeast Asia 

The Thai Studies Program - Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University.

Thai Underwater Archaeology  - Details the discoveries of sunken ships carrying Thai treasures and artifacts. 

Thai World View - Discover the fascinating Thai culture and society. A wide collection of articles about Thai culture, Thai society and life in Thailand

Thailand : SiamWEB Cyber Culture : Thai People, Culture, New...  SiamWEB is an organization formed by a group of people who have interest in Thailand and its people. Here, people shares personal contact information, pictures, interesting stories, and opinion. We help present so called,

 Thailand Impressions - A photographic essay of Thailand festivals and line dances; Buddhist art, cosmology, temples & Buddha images; Thai culture, people and destinations

Thailand, it's people and culture. - Thaimarks, a site with a great impact of Thai culture.

Thailinguist - Provides English to Thai and Thai to English translation services.

ThaiTrainer111 - Software for learning the Thai language in German, English, France and Dutch.

Thaitrans.com - Thai translation and localization services.

White Lotus Press: Linguistics - We carry new and out of print books about Burma, Vietnam, Yunnan, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, India, Northeast India, Central Asia and Himalayas. 

The UK Cultural Centre of Thailand - An information rich web site for UK residents to discover more about Thailand and Thai culture.

Wiengboran - Thai archaeological exploration highlights of tours of South East Asia's history, archaeology, art and culture. Thailand, Khmer (Angkor), and Burma.

World's Best Kept Secrets - Thailand  - A journey through the Land of Smiles. Culture, Travel, Arts & Crafts, News, Photography, Books, Music, Mythology, Gifts, and much much more 

ZzzThai main page - How to use Thai language with various computer platforms

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