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Muay Thai: Knockout One (VHS) Reviewer: "English Bob" from Northern VA. If you are interested in learning one of the most punishing martial arts available, then this set of videos is an excellent introduction for you. Master K (the instructor) is a 62 year old veteran of more than 70 Muay Thai wins and a retired champion from Thailand. He has a very high standard which he brings to his teaching and this is evident from the videos. I have trained with Master K for two years and have learned a lot from him. While you will not learn Muay Thai from these videos alone, they carry a lot of useful information which can be used to help improve your technique.

Muay Thai: Knockout Two (VHS) Follow along as Master Kumron Vaitayanon, a retired professional Muay Thai fighter with over 80 wins in Thailand, teaches you the essential kicking and knee striking skills of Muay Thai. This hard hitting tape takes you inside Master K's gym as he works with his fighters, showing you how they train and teaching you the finer points of this brutal art including: * The two most commonly used kicks in Muay Thai: the push kick and the roundhouse kick * The most essential kicking/punching combinations * The secret to taking full contact kicks day after day in training * Training methods for kicking and knee strikes including the heavy bag, body protector and pads * The best way to combine your kicks and footwork for deception and speed * The fundamental footwork of Muay Thai * The correct Muay Thai skills to use in each fighting range, in the ring or on the street * The fundamentals of clinching, including how to use the clinch to punish your opponent with knee strikes to the head and body * The proper method of breathing for power and stamina * The use of the knee in Muay Thai, including several methods of striking to the body and head * Effective defensive use of kicks to stop your opponent's hand strikes This fascinating tape also includes scenes of full contact Muay Thai fight footage filmed in Thailand. If you are interested in learning this hard hitting art or would like to add the devastating kicking and knee striking skills of Muay Thai to the art you practice, this tape is for you.

Thai Boxing Dynamite : The Explosive Art of Muay Thai by Rebac Zoran  This book describes all the basic techniques in detail, but tapers off when explaining advanced techniques like jumping round kicks and knees. It has VERY concise explanations of the front kick (foot jab) and round kick. The elbow sections are dated, but informative. This book is from 1987, and most of the material has not been updated on the "westernization" of Thai boxing. Jab, Cross, Hook is NOT covered. The author has the habit of writing an introductory paragraph on a technique, a few lines on execution, and then a piece on fighting application. Most of the sections really should be expanded. This book has excellent pictures and background information. The summary of the training routine is excellent. You could easily set up a program with a partner using this book. Overall, taking into account the shortage of material on Muay Thai, I would recommend this book to the beginner. Don't fool yourself, though. You MUST have an instructor to learn Muay Thai! comments by  Bjorn Andersson

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