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What's the weather like back home?        it's so hot here in Bangkok - I'm off to the pool!

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Got to be one of the Hottest Thai sites on the web!!

Elizabeth and Sompon run a tasty Thai Cookery school in Chiang Mai - Pay them a visit


Welcome to Study Thai  ยินดีต้อนรับเข้าสู่การเรียนภาษาไทย เเละ วัฒนธรรมไทย a reference guide for anyone who is interested in learning Thai language and studying Thai culture. Listed are all the known Thai language courses, Thai web sites, Thai books, Thai tapes and Thai software you will need to start you off with your Thai studies. Thai tutors, Thai schools and Thai universities with Thai studies departments around the world as well as here in Thailand who furnish us with the knowledge and skills needed to master this exquisite oriental language and know just that little bit more about Thailand, the Thai people and of course Thai culture

How can you make it the COMPLETE guide to learning the Thai language? - easy participate!

Review the Thai courses and Thai studies programs. Review the Thai study books and learning Thai software  - give your opinions on their content, standards and value for money. If you find omissions then please send them to me and they will be added forthwith.

We are endeavoring to contact the Thai study institutions referenced on this site. I hope they will be forthcoming with their up-to-date Thai study materials, Thai booklists and study Thai course outlines. Until then  please bear with us and accept the occasional omissions and inaccuracies

If you want to suggest a link, a Thai book you found useful, a Thai course you found worthwhile or just share your Thai study tips then please e-mail me [email protected] meanwhile enjoy your Thai Study!!

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How to learn Thai

Why study Thai? where can I learn the Thai language proficiently, effectively and cheaply? This is my personal account written and added to as and when I get the time and inspiration!


Businesses and Organizations who support Study Thai and Thai Culture

We are happy to provide a link to businesses and organizations based here in Bangkok, Thailand and around the world who support our efforts to promote Thai studies and Thai Culture

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Welcome! Join in with a worldwide forum of people interested in studying Thai language and culture. Exchange ideas, help and Thai study tips

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Online grocery shopping for Asian and Thai foods- shop for 100's of exotic Thai foods like curry, tamarind, coconut milk, and fish sauce. Find fresh grocery items like chili peppers, lemon grass, and kaffir lime leaf.  Visit our Kitchen for authentic Thai recipes including pad tai, curry, sticky rice. Find information about Thai foods -descriptions, photos, and Thai cooking information.

The Linguaphone Thai course - Got to be one of the best around. I am biased of course because I learnt most of my basic Thai from it - "dichan chuu ooy kha naam saakun sophaa pen leekhaanuukaan kha tham ngan thii krungthep kha" - oh the memories - hot summers in Bangkok and cold winters in Bloomsbury!!
I get to live in a nice condo by the river in Bangkok. Where do you plan on staying when you visit Amazing Thailand?






You know how to operate a cd-rom - now do it in Thai!

DCO Thailand



Well I managed to Escape from cold and dreary Britain maybe you can.....

Some great articles about life in Thailand, culture and!!

Study-Thai tip of the week  

Reinforce your motivation levels. Install a beautiful picture of Thailand as wallpaper on your desktop. Thai beaches, Thai tropical islands, Thai mountainside, a beautiful Thai temple. A beautiful Thai woman, a sexy Thai babe or a hunky Thai guy

Get the idea?

Where can I get the Thai pictures? - easy!!

send in your study Thai tip of the week and I will personally block up your inbox with a high resolution, high kb image of Thailand


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Quote of the week "Comprehending the realm is more than speaking the Thai language, reading it's history and literature. traveling around it, living with / or marrying it's people. As only little is what it appears to be.... It is necessary to be sharp to see through the conjurers attempts to spellbind us."

Bernard Trink - Bangkok Post, Bangkok, Thailand 15/12/2000

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