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Learn Thai in Chiang Mai, Thailand!
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City/Country Overview
Chiang Mai, surrounded by mountainous countryside and close to both Burma and Laos, offers a region of Thailand, perfect for the traveller who wants an alternative learning holiday. The surrounding nature reserves are full with exotic flora and fauna, watch Elephants at work, go rafting on a river or visit hill tribe villages. Founded in 1296, Chiang Mai's heritage can be seen around the city, especially in the old city walls and the many beautiful Buddhist temples in the city and surrounding countryside. The past is also evident in the distinctive Northern Thai language and in the culture - the many festivals such as the Songran New Year water festival and in the Loi Kratong candle festival. Traditional arts and crafts are also to be found - silver, lacquer, textiles and pottery. Only one-hour flying time from Bangkok, another world.
School Overview
Our school was established in 1985 and is located within the old city, surrounded by the old city walls and moat. All language levels are taught either in a group atmosphere or one-to-one with a private teacher. The school is located within its own garden and is close to shops, restaurants, bars and an internet cafe. The school also teaches English and many international students attend the classes.
Course Overview & Options
Standard: 4 Lessons of daily instruction (20 lessons per week), max 8 students per class. The program includes many cultural activties both in the afternoon and in the evenings.
Accommodation Options
Guesthouse (private room) no meals included. Located ten minute’s walk from the school, the guesthouse has a swimming pool, cafe, terrace and is located next to most amenties
Start Dates
Jan 5 Feb 21 May 8 June 21 July 3
Aug 7 Sept 20 Nov 6
Private instruction starts any Monday