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E.D.F. Representative Office for South-East Asia - Electricity Generation, Nuclear Power, Photovoltaic Solar Energy, Wind Power

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E.D.F. Representative Office for South-East Asia
Mr Pierre Moriette General Manager
Chartered Square Building, 15th Floor 152 North Sathorn Road
Bangkok 10500
Tel : 02 637-8071
Fax :02 637 8072
E-mail : [email protected] 
Website :
Categories: Foreign, Farang, Energy
E.D.F. Representative Office for South-East Asia one of the European leaders in the energy field, operates the largest electricity generation capacity, 95% of which does not emit any greenhouse gases. The competitiveness of EDF’s generation facilities is based on diversity, performance and safety of its means of generation.
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Electricity cannot be stored and therefore EDF must tailor its electricity generation to customer needs in real time. In order to achieve this, EDF fully exploits the complementarity of the various
means of generation.

Nuclear Power
Powerful, safe, effective and without any CO2 emission, nuclear power constitutes the basis of
EDF’s electricity generation.

The leading world renewable energy, flexible-to-use, hydropower is an essential component in
EDF’s generation capacity.

Conventional Fossil-Fired Power
Flexible and reactive, conventional thermal power ensures the proper balance between customer
consumption and EDF’s power generation.

Wind Power
With the spectacular development of this energy, the EDF Group has set itself the objective of
becoming the leading wind power generator in France.

Photovoltaic Solar Energy
Emerging system for decentralised power generation, photovoltaic solar energy can also be
connected to the grid.

Combustion of waste and residues of organic vegetable and animal matter generates heat and

Geothermal Energy
Operated depending on deposit potential, high temperature geothermal energy uses the heat of
the earth’s crust to generate electricity
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