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Executive Residence Condominium

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Executive Residence Condo is I must admit one of the "better" condo projects on Pratamnak Hill. Pratumnak by the way is a corner backwater hidden from view between Pattaya and Jomtien Beach. Some people classify this as a condo in Pattaya and some a condo in Jomtien. Let's just say it is a condo project halfway. And in so doing it can enjoy the benefits of both locations.


This area has been described as the "Beverly Hills" of Pattaya. I have never been to the real Beverly Hills but from what I see of the movies I think this description must be certainly "tongue in cheek" as I have certainly never seen any movie stars up there. And yes some of the properties on the hill are a tad expensive but not exactly movie star mansions.


When researching these condominium projects in Pattaya I first go to the real estate agents websites just to get a little background knowledge. Often I am faced with page after page of what can only be described as "worthless wordy waffle" once you get past the endless adulating adjectives you can actually glean some facts.


Whilst researching Executive Residence I came across this load of utter rubbish. I have taken the gibberish and put this in a list form the ******** I have left in.


Executive Residence Apartments for Sale - THE Most Luxury Apartments in Pattaya
NEW Apartments in THE MOST PRESTEGIOUS Project on Pratamnak Hill. (ok - no need to SHOUT)
It's the Beverley Hills of Thailand. (Come on, Come on - don't lie to your customers)
VIP residence
"first class facilities for the select few."
*Even with limited VIP tenants rediding at Executive Residence there is a grotto swimming pool surrounded by waterfalls"
tropical gardens you canonly dream about
Addition, each unit has a private rear balcony for the tenant's convenience. (Does this mean every tenant must use his private rear balcony - if so how can he use it? - the mind boggles!!)
Luxury 5*****  (Well done you can count!!)
* Views above your imagination !! 
*** Great Exclusive Re-Sale Deals available ***  (High profit margins anticipated - get the beer out lads)


Makes you wonder sometimes who wrote this dribble.

If I was looking to buy a condo in Pratamnak Hill I would seriously doubt the credentials of this agent. Maybe he is not a native speaker. The spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes suggest this. Or maybe he is an intellectually challenged person (an idiot) in which case I would swiftly take my business elsewhere. I am not going to embarrass the real estate agent in question by naming them I am sure you can find them with a Google search. Now if the said agency wants to change this awful sales blurb and email me then I will be more than happy to remove my comments. By the way I think **** is not so polite nowadays as in what a load of B******s

Every project has it's plus points and it's negative points. I hope that the information you glean from these pages and from our Pattaya Jomtien Property Blog will help you to make a shortlist and to save you time when you physically get around to visiting and making your choice for your dream home by the beach.

The Pros

  • Great looking project with good facilities

The Cons

  • A tad expensive
  • This area can be a bitch to get in and out of at night time unless you pay 100 Baht for what should be a 10 Baht bus ride. Mind you if you live here you can afford it

Facts are important however what is it like to live there? Read more comments and post your own thoughts about
Executive Residence Condo in our online Pattaya Jomtien Property Blog  

If you have a condominium for sale in Executive Residence Condo or a condo for rent I will be happy to feature it here on this site just send me the details with pictures and price to [email protected] Sorry no postings from Pattaya Real Estate Agents.

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Special Offer
Direct from Owner

Thailand Luxury Villas
 Jomtien Pattaya Thailand
. Close to the beach, four bedrooms, fully air conditioned, satellite TV, private swimming pool, free car rental

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