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Uni-Charm (Thailand) Co., Ltd. - Sanitary Napkins, Pads, Panty Liners, Baby Diapers, childcare products, feminine care, adult incontinence care

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Uni-Charm (Thailand) Co., Ltd. - Under the "Sofy" brand name, Uni-Charm (Thailand) Co., Ltd. offers freedom, comfort and security to Thai women with a wide range of options developed especially to meet their precise needs every day and night of the month.

Feminine Care Business
The domestic market for feminine care products remains weak as a result of a decline in the target population. As the only comprehensive full-line manufacturer of sanitary products in Japan, we have been making efforts, under the corporate philosophy of “creating freedom and comfort for women through science”, to invigorate the market by focusing our attention on the development and improvement of products that offer reassurance and comfort to women.
Amidst the rapidly growing market for slim type sanitary napkins that are discrete and allow women to stay comfortable during their periods, we have been conducting wide and vigorous sales of our new Sofy Body Fit Fuwa Pita Slim. By utilizing Fuwa Pita absorbent material that fits securely in the middle, we have developed a new type of sanitary napkin that fits the bodyline without creating any gaps. Despite the slimness of the sanitary napkin, through our ability to offer a sense of reassurance with the central fluid-absorbing area, we have created a category for daytime premium-type napkins which has lead to an invigoration of the market. In September 2005, we released the Sofy Body Fit Fuwa Pita Slim for Nighttime-use on Days with Heavy Flow, and in March 2006 we released the Sofy Body Fit Fuwa Pita Slim for Nighttime-use for Extremely Heavy Flow. The Sofy Body Fit Fuwa Pita Slim series has become recognized as a brand that provides reassurance and comfort to the lives of women by easing the burden and restrictions on the woman’s body day and night

To best respond to each day of the period, the following
Sofy sanitary pads are available:
Sofy Side Stopper, Side-Gathers or Body Fit
Super Dry Weave or Non-Woven Cover
Maxi, Regular or Slim Pad with or without wings for day or night use.
Sofy scented and unscented panty liners are also available for the remaining days of the month.

Sanitary Napkins, Pads, Panty Liners, Baby Diapers, childcare products, feminine care, adult incontinence care, household care and cotton puffs

Categories: Japanese; Manufacturer; Personal Care Products, Bangplee Industrial Estate, Foreign

Contact: Mr Yugihiro Kimura Managing Director

Uni-Charm (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
129/1 Moo 17,
Bangplee Industrial Estate,
Bangsaothong, Bang SoawTong,
Telephone: 02 705-2195
Fax: 02 705-3016
email address: [email protected]

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