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I.S.A. CO, LTD. - Canned Pet Food, Canned Tuna Green Curry, Canned Rice, Instant Jasmine rice

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I.S.A. Co.,Ltd. a subsidiary of the Narong Group manufactures Canned Pet Food, Canned Tuna,  Green Curry, Canned Rice, Instant Jasmine rice

I.S.A. Co., Ltd. reflects the rapid growth of the parent company's business as one of Thailand's leading exporters of canned products and frozen seafood, within a mere decade. We use no magic formulas for success. We simply concentrate upon what a solid export business depends: quality control, hygiene, efficiency, reliability, cost effectiveness, competitive pricing and customer satisfaction, all of which are why the Narong Group's reputation remains strong among our overseas customers. I.S.A. Co., Ltd. operates an advanced technology cannery and freezing plant with some 1,000 employees including 92 Quality Assurance staff. Established in 1988, the cannery, located in Bangkok, packs canned products such as cooked Jasmine rice, pet food, and tuna green curry.
The privately owned company's revenues are generated through exports to destination countries in Europe, Africa, North America, and Asia.

Products: Canned Pet Food, Canned Tuna Green Curry, Canned Rice, Instant Jasmine rice

Categories: Pet Food, Canned Food, Farlang

Vanida Piboonthanapatana

I.S.A. Co.,Ltd
101/39 Moo 6, , Soi Moungsakul,
Bangkunthien Road,
Samae Dum, Bangkunthien
Telephone: 02 416-6032-3
Fax: 02 415-6709
email address: [email protected]

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