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A & S THAI WORKS CO, LTD. - Processing plants for fishmeal, meat and bone meal and animal feed

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A & S Thai Works Co, Ltd. Operates Processing plants for fishmeal, meat and bone meal and animal feed, all for export. Sewerage Treatment Units and Sludge Treatment Units. Fishmeal plants for Lean or Oily Fish, especially developed and manufactured for operation in South East Asia by A &S Thai Works Co., Ltd.Per Jan. 2001, 58 plants have been delivered since 1986.Based on technology from the world's largest supplier of advanced fishmeal plants; Atlas-Stord in Denmark and Norway. Using the famous "Rotadisc" steam heated drier of which more than 1,500 units have been delivered.

For fish, fish waste and tuna waste with more than 3% oil content. Same components like the LFP plant but with addition of Atlas-Stord cooker and press, solid/liquid decanter and oil separator plus pumps and tanks. Simplified version with less automation and more use of manual labour. Automation can later be added if required. Waste Heat Evaporator can be added later to save 40% steam.

Products: Fishmeal Plants, Containerized Plants, Rotadisc Drier, Meat and Bone Driers/Cookers, Extruder Press, Continuous Feather Hydrolyzer

Categories: Environmental, Farlang, Sanitation, Scandinavian, Industrial Machinery & Equipment, Japanese, Foreign, Animal Feed

A & S Thai Works Co, Ltd.

Sverre Golten Managing Director

33/104 Moo 10,
Theparak Rd. km. 16
Post Code 10540

Telephone [66] 02 750-7001
Fax [66] 02 312-1783

email address: [email protected]



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