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Actran Systems Co., Ltd., Computer Software - ACCPAC reseller

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Company Profile

          Actran Systems Co.,Ltd., is the first Thai Computer Software Company offering ACCPAC reseller in Thailand, was established in 1994. Our main focus is to provide and implement financial and distribution system with leveraging technical resources and enterprise-wide solution. Actran carries functional-rich suite of applications, ACCPAC® and Add-on Products. With professional consulting and services, more than 400 customers locally have been satisfied with ACCPAC® solutions and Actran's quality services.

          ACCPAC International Inc., was established in 1979 with headquarter in California, USA. It is a subsidiary of Computer Associates International Inc., (NYSE:CA) with headquarter in New York, USA. CA is the world leader in mission-critical business software. CA develops, licenses and supports more than 500 integrated products that include enterprise computing and information management, application development, manufacturing and financial applications. CA has over 10,000 people in 43 countries and had revenue of $4.5 billion in 1997. ACCPAC® solutions cover operations of the ranges of corporate size by providing packages from Small Business Series to Corporate Series, with more than 350,000 customer base in over 100 countries worldwide.

          To effectively support business in Thailand, Actran has been developed and implemented ACCPAC to sustain local business and government regulations. In promise to our mission, Actran will maximize customer satisfaction by providing the premier quality of software and professional services.

Award-winning Recognition from ACCPAC International
1. "Business Partner of the Year" - 2000 Actran is the only reseller in Thailand to be recognized.
2. "Sales Superior Performance" - 2000
    (from ACCPAC - Singapore )
Recognition for the best performance in
3. "Technology Leadership" - 1998

Actran is the only reseller in Asia to be presented in recognition of first installation of ACCPAC for Windows Corporate Series / Microsoft SQL Server site in Asia.

4. "Reseller of the Year" - 1995 Actran is the only reseller in Thailand to be recognized.

Leadership Recognition

1. Actran is the first ACCPAC reseller in Thailand and now is the premier reseller of ACCPAC

2. Actran provided ACCPAC software training to auditors and personnel of Revenue
   Department of Thailand.

3. Actran's acquired many sites of government agency such as
          - Ministry of Finance
          - Ministry of Industry
          - Ministry of Interior
          - Ministry of Labor
          - Ministry of Public Health

4. Actran is the only reseller from Thailand to be invited to join the Asia BPAC meeting 2000 in    Singapore.
   Asia BPAC - Asia Business Partner Advisory Council - is the ACCPAC's Asia conference    held for leaders' brainstorming in order to improve and develop ACCPAC for Windows to    meet the most of user requirements and to maximize customer satisfaction. Moreover, the    latest trends and advanced technologies will be shared among countries.

Established : 1994
Products : ACCPAC for Windows / Corporate Series , Small Business Series and Add-on products
Type of business : - Sales
- Training
- Consulting
- Technical Support
- Implementation
- Custom Modification
- Customization
Technical support team : - Actran Systems Co., Ltd.
- ACCPAC International (AI)
No. of clients : - approx. 400
Clients : - Trading
- Manufacturing
- Construction
- Services
- Hospital
- Government Agency
- Educational Institution
- Hotel and etc.


Hardware & Networking System
          - IBM
          - PC Land Technology
          - Net EngTel

          - Arthur Andersen / SGV
          - KPMG
          - Ernst & Young
          - Business Process Management Services

Payroll System
          - Computer Science

Add-on Program
          - Seagate Crystal

POS (Point-of-Sales) System
          - STE Solution Co., Ltd.

Scanner & Bar Code Printer
          - OGA International Co., Ltd.
          - Sahaviriya OA Public Co., Ltd.

Categories: Computer Products, Computer Software, IT Consultants

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