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Srisomrat Co.,Ltd.

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Srisomrat Co.,Ltd.
216 Ramkamhang 54, Ramkahang Rd.,
Bangkok 10240
Tel : 02 732-7848
Fax :02 732-7847
E-mail : [email protected]  [email protected] 
Website :
Categories: Telecommunications, Computer Software, Education & Training
Company Profile: Factory offers a wide range of immediate text messaging solutions. Whether you are looking for one-to-one Messaging or Bulk - SMS. SMS Factory has the ideal solution for you or your business. SMS Factory specializes in providing communications channels which empower you to market and communicate directly to targeted audiences; staffs, suppliers and clients.
There are many ways that SMS messaging can be used to market your business's products or services For example:
- To advertise a new product release or promotion
- To invite customers or prospects to a promotional event
- To provide customer service and support
- To alert or inform customer for the particular matter
- To point customer to a website which more fully promotes your product or service

Our Services
- You can send SMS messages to your contact lists, or configure your database to send messages for any event.
- You are able to set up direct marketing campaigns straight from customer database.
- You can also set up database trigger alerts to send individualized messages to the target audiences.
- Complete customization and personalization allows you to define the message content.
- You will receive a unique profile and are able to access your log-files and account details through the encrypted web-based session anywhere* anytime*.

- Automated integration
- Unique sender ID Branding
- Complete customization and personalization
- Massage delivery tracking and report
- Support both Thai and English SMS
- Event triggered SMS Messages
- Competitive pricing
- Service history report and log management
- Fast access and delivery
- Bidirectional capacity 2 way enabled (Optional)
- International Coverage (Optional)
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