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Bioseed Genetics Co.,Ltd. - Hybrid Seeds, Corn, Sorghum, Sunflower, Cotton, Millet, Rice, Vegetable Seeds

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Bioseed Genetics Co.,Ltd.
8/30 North Sathorn Road
Bangkok 10500
Tel : 02 633-8453
Fax :02 236-6836-8
E-mail :
Website :
Categories: Hybrid Seeds, Corn, Sorghum, Sunflower, Cotton, Millet, Rice, Vegetable Seeds, Agricultural Product
Company Profile: Bioseed Genetics International Inc. was established in May 1991 with a dream to build one of the best global agricultural companies based on Genetic Research.


Our goal is to always provide the best product. We, at present, has active research operations at six breeding stations and marketing networks in seven countries spread over two continents. Through contract or association with individual breeders, private companies, and national and international public institutions, we have access to research activities at various locations around the world. Our current focus is on Asia, Africa and the Midwest USA. Our global aims and objectives are to provide products that are:

Our staff consists of Ph.D.ís, M.Sc.ís., and graduates trained in the science of genetics, crop breeding and related disciplines. Our staff collectively represents a combined experience of more than 300 research years. Our researchers and the entire staff are dedicated, well trained and amply experienced to provide farmers with high yielding, disease resistant, and good germination quality seed products.

At present, our activities are directed toward research and business of field crop hybrid seed, including corn (field, sweet, and baby corn), sorghum (grain and forage), sunflower, cotton, pearl millet, rice, and vegetable seeds.

Our geneticists, breeders, and technical staff in the Research and Development Division are actively engaged in developing crops, hybrids, varieties, and synthetics which, when grown by the farmers, would provide higher yields, better quality, excellent appearance, and valuable commercial features. Our efforts are geared to breed genetic defense mechanisms against fungal, bacterial and viral diseases; our products also has built in resistance against insect and pest damage. Nutritional food and feed quality are its guiding principles of the R& D efforts. Resistance and/or tolerance to diseases and pests minimizes chemical insecticides and pesticides. This helps minimize air, water, and soil pollution and reduce risk of chemicals in food and feed. We are also developing strategies to provide our farmer various Biological Products for crop protection and enhanced animal production/productivity. Our Production and Marketing Division ensure that the farmers receive the best quality seed and receive value for their money.

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